Henry Merrick first took up the run in the late 1840’s, followed by Malcolm Macfarlane who owned it for 20 years. George Harper then held Glenfalloch for 2 years, followed by Tom McGrath for 4 years. The next licensee of note was Edward Riggall who owned Glenfalloch for 40 years and brought it into the twentieth century.

In the late 1800’s Riggall gradually acquired land owned by the McMichael family. In 1912 Glenfalloch homestead was built for Edward Riggall. Edward Riggall died in 1913 and then Glenfalloch was sold to Robert Gilder (III). At this time the Riggall Estate comprised of approximately 6,000 acres.

Glenfalloch station worked together with another Gilder Family holding, Mewburn Park, 60 km to the SE, near Maffra. Historically this area was a Bullock fattening region but it is now known as the Macalister Irrigation District, a prominent Dairy production area in Australia.

Successive members of the Gilder Family have since acquired neighbouring landholdings to make it the size it is today (12,000 acres). Glenfalloch was held in the Gilder family for 101 years.

John Paul and the Paul Family purchased Glenfalloch Station in 2015. The property is currently managed for the Paul Family by Dane Martin.